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Customer Reviews

The Bolt

Suav (UK):"Honest seller, real 7800 mAh model. Quick answers, fast delivery. I have not tested the scooter yet as it is a present bday, so assembled to make sure everything is fine."

Anonymous (US):"Scooter is ideal, date of manufacture is less than a month before I received it - note Xiaomi has made some small improvements in scooter design recently. Free shipping was delayed a bit due to customs, but CarboHub was excellent about keeping me up to date."

T***O (CA): "It's our second scooter!!! Very happy with the product. Not much update on the tracking information (UPS), arrived to Canada after 4 weeks, could be a little faster."


Black Panther:

SuperDank (US): "Writing this review after about 3 weeks of riding, I LOVE THIS BOARD. I weigh 230 lbs and this board pushes through everything. I had my doubts as 230 is pretty heavy set but i have no issues with power or connection (i wouldnt recommend a bluetooth speaker or bluetooth accessories while riding as it may interefere with the frequency of the board and remote)"

Karen Rizzo (US): "It rocks-- best board for the money blows my friends BOOST BOARD AWAY."