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No. On the border taxes are included in the price. This applied for the US, EU and the UK. 

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the product. Please contact our customer service team at admin@carbohub.com with your order number, a brief description and picture of the problem and we will do our best to provide you with a solution. 

The scooter is designed to provide maximum balance and safety even for individuals with little experience. The longboard however, although safe to ride at maximum speed, does require experienced individuals due to it's versatile nature. It is recommended to wear safety helmets in both cases.  

CarboHub uses renewable Lithium-ion batteries that possess a longer lifespan compared to other technologies along with higher power and energy densities. 


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Orders are processed within 2 hours from the time your order is placed. Shipping times vary between countries, the average period is 10-12 business days.

If you made a mistake entering your shipping address, please contact us  within 24 hours of placing your order and we will make the change. Make sure to include 'CHANGE OF ADDRESS' as your subject line and provide your full name, order number and correct shipping address.

If more than 24 hours have passed since you made your order, we will not be able to change the shipping address, and your order will not be eligible for a refund. 

The Bolt

This product is meant for people of all ages. It is recommend for children below the age of 8 to be accompanied by their parents' supervision. 

Black Panther

It is recommended that individuals with prior experience riding longboards use this product do to its speed capabilities. However if used with precaution, then anyone can enjoy riding the Black Panther.